1. About the Course

Planning your Successful Distilling Business has been designed to be the ultimate channel to navigate your journey of starting a distillery business.

The mission of The Distillers Institute is to help people who want to start a distillery, or are researching this as an option, to reach their goal to start operating their spirit or distilling business quickly. Which we believe translates to “start that distillery...or let others live your dream”. 

So let’s get to it!

Who is the course for?

The course is perfect for someone thinking of starting a distilling or spirits business, or if you have started already and want to fill your knowledge gaps. It can also be useful for people in the wider hospitality and drinks business.

The course will help build competency in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge about distilling
  2. Business planning including finances, people and training
  3. Marketing a distilling business including creating and building a brand
  4. Product planning including what to make and when
  5. Setting up and determining scale
  6. Navigating compliance and licences

This course is business-focused and has a collection of technical insights. It has been built to bring all the available knowledge about starting in distilling into one location so that your business can be ready and successful in the market. The first six modules are squarely focused on what you need to do to commence the journey and at the end we’ll get you to ask yourself - is this for me?

What outcomes can you expect?

The course will achieve one of three outcomes for you:

  1. Inspire you to create your own distilling or spirit business and provide you all the information you need to start (or continue) on this journey
  2. Inspire you to join the industry in some capacity, or
  3. Help you decide that distilling is not for you.

As you work through the modules of Planning your Successful Distilling Business it will lay the foundations for a successful launch of your business. It relies on you (and your partners if you have them) doing some hard work at your end. We’re sure it will be worth it.

The course itself is split into a number of key modules, across two courses. In this course, the first seven of these align with the decision and research points that any new distiller would have to go through when starting to plan their own distillery. If at the end of the course you decide this path is for you, the next course will help you get set up as soon as you can.

Let's start off with an open letter from Tasmanian and Australian whisky legend, Patrick Maguire.

Patrick Maguire case study open letter.pdf